What are Digital Assets anyway?

With the vast amount of business, commerce, innovation and even invention happening in cyberspace it is understandable that digital content can suddenly begin to increase in value. Digital assets could be considered files or databases with higher value than most.

Digital assets can include videos, text documents, images, advertisements, digital artwork and many other types of files that are stored in a digital format.

Assets versus files

So, are all files assets? When does a file transcend to the category of assets? Not all files are assets, but files that have a value to the organization holding them could be assets depending on its worth to the company.

Files that have value must be stored securely so they won’t be accessed, reused or manipulated without authorization as this could be counterproductive to the goals of the organization. Companies will apply DAM or Data Asset Management techniques to securing this type of information behind a wall of specialized software. One advantage of this is the Metadata description that can be applied to the data assets and make information easier to locate and access for authorized persons, and also carries information on how this data should be used and understood.

Examples of digital assets


One of the most common types of data assets are image. Many times, the images stored are products of considerable time, planning and even cash investments and should therefore require higher security than most. Furthermore, the way an image is used and how it is applied must be performed according to predetermined parameters and distribution rights.


Ads are another digital asset that can be especially expensive and deserves to be looked after carefully. Just like images are stored securely, your Digital Asset Management system will be able to carry the information needed for using the ad in question and present this prior to your download.


Videos have greater and greater use in marketing programs, internal training programs and more. It is important that these assets are circulated in a orderly fashion and in respect to company regulations.

As the essential banner or insignia of the company, this image will receive a lot of use and application. A proper DAM will keep this file from falling into the hands of a troll or being misapplied in any other way. This will also allow your partners to access your logo simply and easily