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Estate Plan Lawis a law firm that is dedicated to serving clients with integrity, honesty, and expertise.

We know that starting the estate planning process can be a daunting one to start, so we are here to make sure that all of our clients feel as if their families are taken care of in every step of the process. It is not easy to look at all of your assets and select where they will be assigned when you are not around, but if you do not start the estate planning process before your death, you could be laying the groundwork for expensive legal fees for your family.

Even if your family seems like they know how your assets should be divided, there is no reason to leave anything to chance. Having a tight and well-written estate plan could be the difference between family peacefully remembering your life and fighting over who gets what percentage of your estate. We have seen too many families torn apart by the sudden death of a loved one, and the complicated implications that come along with it.

Estate Plan Law believes in providing their clients with the best possible representation no matter their situation. We handle everything from simple estate plans for small families to complex estate planning solutions for high-net-worth individuals. We have even helped clients ensure that their pets are taken care of after their passing – anything you can think of that is even tangentially related to estate planning we can and will do with confidence.

Estate Planning Techniques

Our main goal as an estate planning law firm is to help you distribute your assets to your family with as little hassle and expense as possible. One way we do this is by doing everything in our power to avoid probate – a costly and lengthy legal process where the deceased individual’s assets are managed and distributed by the court.

In addition to the cost and time of probate, probate proceedings are available to be reviewed by the public, so in the interest of your privacy and your family’s financial well-being, avoiding probate is essential to a successful estate plan.

We use the following proactive techniques to help our clients avoid probate:

Living Trusts: Living trusts allow you to manage your assets as a trustee while they are technically transferred into a trust. Because the trust is the actual owner of your assets, you can transfer the trust after your death and skip the probate process by naming a successor trustee.

Joint Ownership: Spouses who hold title to a real estate property with another spouse will be able to pass the property to the surviving spouse at the time of their death. Since the ownership does not change hands, there is no need for probate.

Payable on Death Accounts: Adding this designation to checking accounts, saving accounts, and certificates of deposit will allow a payee (a designated living relative) to receive this money without needing to go through probate.

Transfer-on-Death Securities Registration: Much like payable on death accounts, TOD securities registrations transfer stocks, bonds, and brokerage accounts to a beneficiary outside of probate. The only thing the beneficiary needs is a death certificate and identification to have the accounts transferred in their name.

Transfer-on-Death Vehicle Registration: In the event that you want to leave a vehicle to a loved one after your passing, this allows a loved one to automatically inherit your vehicle after your death.

While we are more than well-equipped to handle the probate process for you if that is the only option you have, we always preach a proactive estate planning philosophy.

Relationships That Last Longer Than A Lifetime

When you consult the expertise of an estate planning attorney, you are putting

your life’s work into their hands. At Estate Plan Law, we understand the significance of this commitment, so we are available day and night to answer any questions you might have.

While we know that your estate plan is in good hands because we have been doing this for decades, we understand that it is your family’s future on the line, and you might have a lot of questions. Our staff and our attorneys are well-equipped to answer any question you might have, and we are always a phone call away if you have a question about your estate.

So many law firms want their clients to stay quiet and trust them to do their work: we don’t believe in that philosophy whatsoever. We believe that in order to have a successful attorney-client relationship, there needs to be trust and faith on both sides.

Estate Planning Practice Areas

Estate Plan Law handles every step of the estate planning process, from the initial drafting of your estate plan to the administration of your estate. Once you hire us, you can rest assured that you are covered in all of the following areas:

Probate Administration: If your estate does go into probate, we will work closely with the courts to make sure that your estate is divided to the specifics of your will.

Avoiding Probate: As we said above, we take a proactive estate planning strategy that aims at avoiding probate.

Estate Litigation: If there are any disputes that arise after the administration of an estate, we will make sure that your best wishes are represented.

Advanced Estate Planning: We offer advanced estate plans like Family Limited Partnerships and Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts to help our clients reduce their estate taxes, gift taxes, and generation-skipping transfer fees.

Estate Tax Planning: We know Pennsylvania estate tax laws inside and out. We will make sure that you are not taken advantage of by the government.

Trust Administration: We provide legal guidance to trustees and successor trustees to make sure your trust stays safe.

Business Succession Planning: We help clients establish a succession plan for when they are unable to run their business like they once did

Family Limited Partnerships: We ensure that your business is preserved while sheltering assets and reducing gift and estate taxes.

Pet Trusts: Do you have a pet you love more than life itself? Estate Plan Law makes sure your companion is looked out for after your death.

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